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For me, choosing an equipement is 50% about optical qualities and 50% about pratical qualities (weight, stealth, ease of use, auto-focus, stabilization, etc). Weight is of great importance for full days of hiking ; the Canon 5D Mark IV ant it's excellent high ISO performance allows me for instance to leave most of the time flash and tripod at home, or to be satisfied with the very light Voigtländer 20mm that needs to be stopped-down at f/8 for better results.

I will most probably finish with a mirrorless to gain more weight, however I am still undecided because of power consumption (several batteries to recharge) and the lack of very fast dedicated prime lenses.

Canon EOS 5D2
Since september 2017 - Full Frame EOS 5D4

Canon EOS 5D2
Since january 2009 - Full Frame EOS 5D2

Canon EOS 20D
From october 2004 to december 2008 - APS-C format EOS 20D

Canon EOS 33
From november 2001 to september 2004 - film EOS 33

Canon A1
From december 1979 to october 2001 - Canon A1

Kodak Instamatic 355 X
From december 1970 to november 1979 - Instamatic
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