Galerie Photographique Fovéa - Technique Photo French or English
I've been shooting since 1970, and my gear does reflect my progressive implication in photography. On this site, you will find scanned film and digital shots. The first image retained was shot in february 1976, that is to say five years before I finally managed to consider composition. You will find it on this site in the architecture section. It's my lucky penny...

For years, my photographic style was not well defined as I was trying a bit of everything. Today, I realise that I am more on the graphic side rather than the photo (light) side. I also like to capture surprising instants: a light, an expression, a feeling. Nevertheless, I do keep a quite technical view on exposure, composition and focal length...

I have deliberately chosen a limited number of pictures, the most recent ones first. I don't want my guests to go through thousands of photos... I'd prefer them to be tempted to go back and dawdle around a few specific ones. You'll see that I made progress and that there is still room for more! At any rate, I will update this site frequently, so don't hesitate to come back!

Have a nice tour,


Here is the definition of "fovea" from the Merriam-Webster dictionary:
A small rodless area of the retina that affords acute vision [...]
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