EF 135 L f/2

Galerie Photographique Fovéa - Technique Photo French or English
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EF 135 L f/2 photos index

Le Havre - Gull in flight
Dinard - Ears and Arabesques
Kórinthos - Temple of Apollo
Nafplio - Ágios Geórgios
Ploumanac'h - Pig rock
Højerup - Sailboat in the mist
Hornbæk - Reflecting Masts
Copenhaguen - Curved Balconies
Copenhaguen - Nyhavn - halyards of an old rig
Copenhaguen - The Black Diamond (library)
Berlin - Weltkugelbrunnen Fountain - Lady with Yellow Helmet
Berlin - Bier Break at Prater Biergarten
Berlin - Hansaviertel Area Building
Berlin - Pipes on the Spree River
Berlin - Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
Coimbra - Polyedron from D. Joào at the University
Coimbra - Women Musical Instrument Statue - Arco de Almedina
Firenze - Dummy dreaming of Neptune
Firenze - The Rape of the Sabine Women by Giambologna
Pisa - Holding the leaning tower
Pisa - Leaning Tower
Firenze - Three nuns in front of the Liturgico shop
Rome - Rome doesn't like bicycles
Rome - Street talk (via Margutta)
Rome - Taxi driver and traffic jam
Rome - Phone call between scooters
Rome - Colosseum
London - Dancer statue in front of the Royal Opera House
London - Gherkin on the Launch Pad
London - Buckingham Palace Guard
London - London Eye & Chimneys
London - Taxis & Busses
London - Soho - Lady with a cigarette and statue of the man with the rope
London - Soho Pipes
London - Millenium Bridge & Saint-Paul Cathedral
London - Tate Modern - Man and painting (Francis Picabia - Otaïti)
London - Tate Modern - Jenny Holzer - Blue Purple Tilt (sexually unappealing)
London - Café Rouge & Red Bus seen from Saint-Paul Cathedral
London - London Eye
London - Garden & Red Telephone Box
Whitstable - Fishing Traps Flags
Canterbury - Heart of Generation Y
Sevilla - Flamenco dancer (plaza de los Refindores)
Granada - Arabic scripts and azulejos at Lions' Palace, Nasrid Palaces, Alhambra
Granada - Shop setup at the souq
Córdoba - Perspective of arches from Al-Mansour's extension of the Mezquita-Cathedral
New-York City - Businessman and white statues at Christopher Park
New-York City - Limo at the Village
New-York City - Jazz at Washington Square
New-York City - Broadway Grand Street
New-York City - Curtiss-Wright Building reflecting on Solow Building (57th Street)
Paris - Reflection on the Dexia Tower
Agen - Saint-James pilgrim statue
Amsterdam - Amazon
Amsterdam - The bicycle couple
Amsterdam - The flowery bicycle
Keukenhof - The skinny couple
Keukenhof - Tulips
Le Havre - The shining bolt
Le Havre - Two kids and the cargo ship
Le Havre - Colored plastic bottles
Rennes/parc Thabor - The Lady in Red reading her notes
Paris - Christmas market near the Eiffel tower
Paris - Statue of liberty
Rennes - Magical square
Le Havre - Lonely man on the wooden pier peering at a cargo
Toulouse - Coffee terrace
Dinard - Tents on the beach (plage de l'écluse)
Dinard - Saint-Malo seen through the beach tents (plage de l'écluse)
Dinard - Lonely woman on "promenade des douaniers"
Saint-Quay-Portrieux - Flying sea gull
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