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"So, Mama, don't take my Kodachrome away…"
Paul Simon

Kodachrome photos index

Paris - Paris skyline at sunset
Pukhet - Man reparing his outboard propeller near Kha Tapu island (James Bond, The man with the golden gun)
Chiang-Raï - Playing baby alongside an old Yao Thai woman in traditional costume
Chiang-Maï - Portrait of an old Karen Thai woman
Korat - Drying rice wafer
Ayuthaya - Fruit market
Calvi - Saint-John's cathedral
Inishmore - See onslaught on an Aran island cliff
Sneem - Colored frontages
Paris - Louvre museum's pyramid reflection
Paris - Old man feeding the birds
Portumna - Misty view of a priory
Kylemore - Kylemore abbey at sunset
Assouan - Temple of Isis at night on the island of Philae
Assouan - Egyptian suk
Assouan - Aga Khan mausoleum
Kom Ombo - High-relief and hieroglyphics at the Sobek and Aroeres temple
Vallée des rois - Child on a donkey in the valley of the Kings
Karnak - Al-Karnak temple
New-York City - Manhattan skyline with twin towers
New-York City - Manhattan night view from top of World Trade Center
New-York City - Radio City music hall and office buildings at night
Venice - Santa-Maria della Salute and harbour seen from piazzetta San Marco
Platte Rocque Point - Bent pier
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