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EF 70-300 DO photos index

Vatican - Angel statue "Angelo di destra" (1673) - Gian Lorenzo Bernini
Oxford - The Jolly Monk Statue at Christ Church College
New-York City - The red sofa
Keukenhof - Hyacinths and tulips field
Funchal - Walking taxis
Parazeres/Levada Nova - Eucalyptus and levada
Le Havre - Shadows at sunset on the beach
Arles - Poking the bull out of the truck into the arena
Salon-de-Provence - Nostradamus' statue
Chania - Kioutsouk Hassan Mosque, cathedral and mountains
Rennes - Saint-George swimming pool decoration
Anavissos - Fisherman and his nets
Blair Castle - Scottish kilt and knife
The Trossachs - Robin redbreast bird
Dinard - Waves and rocks
Lyon - Zebras at "Tête d'Or" park
Lyon - Bronze statue at Beaux-Arts Palace
Lyon - Grimacing lion sculpture (23 rue Juiverie, Hôtel Dugas)
Dinard - Very low tide
Bergen - Rooftops and wood houses at Bryggen
Trondheim - Wood barge and its reflection in the morning sun
Tromsø - Arctic cathedral with midnight light
Villainville - Cows
Villainville - Red poppy in the midst of green wheats at sunset
Saint-Hélier - Red pillars at food market
Corbière - Lighthouse lantern
Durrell Zoo - Male gorilla
Durrell Zoo - Ring tailed lemur
Fougères - Castle tower rooftops
Le Havre - Stained glass and reflections at Saint-Joseph church
Avignon - Window detail at "Notre-Dame de la conversion"
Rennes/parc Oberthür - Red autumn leaf
Le Havre - Kitesurfer and his wing on the beach
Le Havre - Kitesurfer and cargo
Saint-Quay-Portrieux - The three capes
La Bourbansais - Gyrfalcon in flight
Lija - Red flowers and palm tree at San Anton Gardens
Lija - Trumpet vines at San Anton Gardens
Mellieha - Our Lady of Victory church dome
Milano - People entering an old tramway
Milano - Tramway via Manzoni
Rennes/parc Thabor - Cast iron fountain
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